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Inductive Components

Parts intended for tuned circuits, energy storage / transfer and transformers. All parts are rated for inductance factor and most for losses at applicable frequencies.

Suppression Components

Parts intended for EMI suppression of frequencies above 1 MHz, all parts are specified for impedance at applicable frequencies.

Engineering Kits

Engineering Kits

Open Magnetic Circuit

Components with a fixed air gap in the magnetic path allowing higher current operation at the expense of inductance.

Closed Magnetic Circuit

Components with no air gap within the magnetic path enabling maximal inductance per unit volume for the specific design shape.

Board Component

Components of a size suitable for installing on both through-hole or surface mount printed circuit boards.

Cable Component

Components suitable for slipping or clamping onto cables, cable harnesses and system interconnects.


General purpose rod shapes (solid and with a hole through) useful for power transformers, sensors, antennas and differential and common mode chokes.

Antenna/RFID Rods

Solid rod shapes specifically developed for RFID Antennas operating up to 50 MHz.


Simple design method for power and EMI suppression chokes.


Available in the widest selection of materials; the ring shape allows most efficient utilization of intrinsic material characteristics. Intended for filters, low power and broadband transformers. Conformal coating available.

Pot Cores

Maximal inductance per unit volume with high degree of self-shielding in mated pairs. Can be used as core halves for inductive proximity sensors.

RM cores

(Rectangular Modulus) Allow better shielding than E type geometries while also providing easier winding accessibility and better power dissipation than a pot core configuration. Fair-Riteís standard RM cores all have a solid center post and standard height, low profile and alternate materials are available upon request.

PQ cores

Were developed for use in power applications. The large surface area to volume of the core aids in heat dissipation. PQ cores are employed both in filter and transformer designs for switch mode power supplies.

E Cores

Economical mated pair design for high power inductors and transformers.

EFD Cores

(Economical Flat Design) Have been designed to maximize volume in a low profile geometry. EFD cores allow maximum throughput power density with reasonably low mass for board level installation.

Planar EE and EI cores

With their low profile are suitable for board level installation allowing assembly without the need for plastic coilformers and can also allow windings integrated into multi-level PCBs. Planar ER cores with their low mass and low profile are suitable for Surface Mount installations in low power filter and transformer applications.

ETD cores

Have been designed to make optimum use of a given volume of ferrite material for maximum throughput power, specifically for forward converter transformers. The structure, which includes a round center post, approaches a nearly uniform cross-sectional area throughout the core and provides a winding area that minimizes winding losses. ETD cores are used mainly in switched-mode power supplies and permit off-line designs where IEC and VDE isolation requirements must be met.

EER cores

Similar to ETD cores, have been designed to make optimum use of a given volume of ferrite material for maximum throughput power. The structure, which includes a round center post, approaches a nearly uniform cross-sectional area that minimizes winding losses.

I Cores

Mating piece for E-I and U-I configurations.

U Cores

Economical mated pair design for high power inductors and transformers.

EP Cores

EP designs reduce the effect of residual air gap upon the effective permeability of the core, hence they minimize coil volume for a given inductance. EP cores also provide a high degree of isolation from adjacent components and are advantageously used in low power devices, matching and broadband transformers.

EMI Suppression Bead

Tubular shapes which can be installed on the leads of other components or jumper wires. With inner diameters less than 6.5 mm, can also be used on small cable harnesses.


EMI suppression beads, affixed onto tinned copper wire, suitable for through-hole printed circuit boards.

PC Beads (through hole)

Multi-line suppressors can be used independently or series additive, usable in data or power lines.

Wound Beads

Six and eleven hole beads available with various winding configurations which provide moderately high impedance levels over broadband frequencies.

Multi-aperture cores

Dual hole cores useful for EMI suppression or as broadband transformers.

SM Beads (Differential-Mode)

Surface mount beads suitable for data line signal rejection and power line decoupling.

SM Beads (Common-Mode)

Surface mount beads which provide common mode signal rejection, with minimal impact to the desired differential signal.

Chip Beads

Surface mount multi-layer suppression beads allow high impedance in a small size.

Chip Arrays

Multi-line surface mount suppressors in 1206 size for data lines.

Engineering Kits

Engineering Kits

Round Cable EMI Suppression Cores

Tubular shapes with inner diameters from 3 to 36 mm, available material grades for effective EMI suppression between 1 MHz and 1+ GHz.

Round Cable Snap-its

Convenient clamp-on devices, not requiring disassembly of cable end terminations, useful for EMC testing and product retrofits. For cables as small as 2 mm up to 25 mm diameters.

Flat Cable EMI Suppression Cores

Cable suppression cores for ribbon cables with widths 12 to 76 mm.

Flat Cable Cores Assembly Clips

Accessories for split flat cable core assemblies.

Flat Cable Snap-its

Flat cable core assemblies with plastic cases in widths 33 to 64 mm.

Connector EMI Suppression Plates

Multi-hole plates with high electrical signal isolation, suitable for suppression above 25 MHz.

Miscellaneous Suppression Cores

Non-typical shapes and materials.
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