Fair-Rite Products Corp. Supplier Corrective/ Preventive Action Policy

Fair-Rite Products Corp. requires the elimination of the effects of experiencing quality nonconformances. Nonconformance can be defined as not meeting quality expectations; this can include late delivery, nonconforming material, among others.
Fair-Rite’s Incoming Inspection uses a Zero Based Acceptance (C=0), AQL 0.65% Sampling Plan to assist in identifying quality material. If nonconforming material is found to be shipped and not formally accepted by way of a variation notice, it will be moved to our MRB quarantine location, at which time the appropriate Quality, Process and/or Manufacturing Engineer will evaluate and disposition the material. Fair-Rite’s Quality group may issue a Supplier Corrective Action which can affect the supplier's quality rating.
Effective corrective action addresses the root cause of the condition so that it will not occur again. Fair-Rite expects a containment response within 2 days (8D CAR completed up through D-3) and most corrective and preventive actions to be complete within 14 days (8D CAR completed through D-8). Fair-Rite understands that some issues involve a more in-depth investigation and corrective action resolution, which may take longer than 14 days. In that event, Fair-Rite expects to be notified of such an approach with an expected date of completion previous to the 14 day expiration date.
Suppliers must send documented supplier corrective action to Fair-Rite’s Quality group for review, acceptance and recording. Fair-Rite’s Quality group may take exception to the proposed action if deemed inappropriate or ineffective, and request further investigation and action by the supplier. Failure to provide and implement effective corrective action is potential cause for the supplier's removal from Fair-Rite Products Corp.’s Approved Supplier List (ASL).

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