Engineering Kits

Kit Part Number Kit Description
Expanded Cable & Suppressor Kit 0199000005 Contains a broad sampling of suppression cores to reduce conducted EMI over wires and cables.
61 & 31 Material Snap-It Kit 0199000017 Contains a range of parts for different cable diameters. Suppressor selection is suitable for high frequency (61 material) and low frequency (31 material) applications.
Chip Bead Kit 0199000018 Contains a number of different EIA size chip components with a range of impedance values and signal speeds. Also included is one of our chip arrays.
Shield Bead Kit 0199000019 Contains 28 different beads in three suppression materials, 73, 43 and 61.
Antenna/RFID Kit 0199000024 Contains a range of rods in three low losses, high Q materials, 78, 61 and 67 to cover frequencies from 10 kHz to 50 MHz.
Surface Mount Bead Kit 0199000025 Contains an assortment of surface mount beads for differential and common-mode applications in 73 material for < 50 MHZ, 43/44 material for 25-300 MHz and 52/61 material for 250-1000 MHz frequencies.
Wound Bead Kit 0199000027 Contains twelve wound beads in two suppression materials, 44 and 61, wound in several configurations.
Bead-On-Lead Kit 0199000028 Contains three parts each in three materials, 73, 43 and 61, for through hole applications.
RF Power Rod Kit 0199000029 Contains a selection of rod sizes intended for differential mode high current applications that require high saturation and Curie temperature.
31 Material Snap-It Kit 0199000030 Contains a range of parts for different cable diameters. Suggested operating frequency 1-300 MHz.
43 Material Snap-It Kit 0199000031 Contains Snap-It assemblies suitable for the 25-300 MHz frequency range. Can accommodate cable diameters from 0.250 to 0.591 inches.
46 Material Core and Snap-It Kit 0199000032 Contains a selection of cable cores and Snap-Its in our economical 46 material. This material has similar performance to our 43/44 grade materials over the 25-300 MHz frequency range.
61 Material Snap-It Kit 0199000033 Contains a selection of 61 material Snap-Its. 61 material is our recommended material for suppressing conducted EMI over the 200-1000 MHz frequency range.
75 Material Snap-It Kit 0199000041 Contains a range of Snap-It in our 75-material, suitable for suppressing common-mode EMI noise from 200 kHz to 30 MHz.
Multi-Aperture Core Kit 0199000036 Contains five sizes in four materials, 73, 43, 61 and 67. The 73, 43 and 61 material parts are suggested for suppression applications from 1-1000 MHz. The 61 and 67 material parts can be used in HF broadband and inductive designs from 1 MHz to 100 MHz.
High Frequency Toroid Kit 0199000039 This kit contains a selection of popular toroid sizes in Fair-rite's high frequency materials. All these materials are of the NiZn type with Curie Temperatures above 200C. These materials are suitable for broadband and inductive applications from 1 to over 100 MHz.
Flex Circuit & Ribbon Cable Core Kit 0199000038 This kit contains a selection of single piece and split core geometries for flat cables. All parts are of the 43 Material which provides optimal suppression from 25 to 500 MHz. Sizes range for flat cable widths of 8 to 51 mm.

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